"I am not what happened to me.

I am what I choose to become" 


Shamanic Healing 

Shamanic healing is the original human medicine technique and has been with humanity as long as we have been here on earth.  There are many different 'traditions' but they all work on the same basic principles of working with the natural elements, spirit world and ancient collective archetypes of human consciousness to bring balance and harmony to our energetic and physical bodies.  Preventing and healing all types of mental and physical dis-ease.

I work within the traditions and healing methods of the Inca from Peru.  I combine these beautiful tools that have been made lovingly available by the lineage of medicine men and women with what I know and am learning from the lands where I was born and now live, Shropshire in England.  These traditions are full of power, strength, purity, sweetness and beauty.  I work with the animal archetypes of Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle,  I also work with local spirit animals, nature spirits and the elements air, fire and water the four directions, the earth, stars, sun and moon.  I am always listening and learning, particularly from local woodland, The Stiperstones, Caer Caradoc and the Longmynd.

I carry a Mesa (portable altar) containing stones which hold my personal medicine. I work in constant collaboration and communication with my Mesa as I grow my medicine.  My Mesa and I travel everywhere together!

In a session you will choose one of these medicine stones, talk about what you wish to shift/clear in your life and blow all of this (with your breath) into the stone to inform it. I will help you to track the patterns of the issue forward and backward through time and to set your clear intentions for your future.

You then lay down, relax, breath deeply whilst I work to clear all the heavy, solid and fluid energy related to this issue.  You may enter a 'journey' or a dream-like state and feel emotional while I work. 

The work includes:

Deep listening, guidance and tracking

Extraction of Solid and Fluid Energy no longer required in your body or energy field

Ancestral Tracking and Release

Past Life Soul Contract Removal

Removal of 'heavy' energy and patterning relating to your issue

Soul Retrieval


When the work is done I bring light into your body filling all the gaps the heavy energy has left behind.  Your luminous body reorganises which then informs your DNA and physical body of the clearing and shifts.  You may walk out of a session feeling completely different physically and mentally.  Shamanic healing brings fast and effective change and evolution sweetly and easily.

You may find that toxic emotions and physical pain can shift in just one session.

Shamanic healing in the Inca traditions has greatly shifted my health and wellbeing in an extremely short space of time and now I combine this with the magic of these lands and my own ancestry. 


I highly recommend you give it a go!


To contact Jenny, please use the contact page or email nurturewithin@hotmail.com 
shamanic healing
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Sandra Page, Artist and Shamanic Practitioner

I just had a beautiful session with Jenny.  I felt so held which was so important for me.  I have been having a really difficult time and I just needed to express freely and Jenny really facilitated this.  I am definately going back for me.  I felt earthed and in touch with my intuitive self.  Thank you Jenny