What Is Possible?

A form of hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is transferred through my palms to you in order to encourage emotional and/or physical healing.  I work intuitively to bring clarity, balance and harmony back to you.  It is gentle, safe and loving.

Drawing of Owl

Shamanic healing is a form of therapy that works within your luminous energy field to clear, retrieve and activate all parts of you.  I work within the shamanic traditions of the Inca from Peru bringing yourself back to yourself.  It is powerful, fast and beautiful!

Innerdance is a deeply healing, freeing and joyful process of letting go, trusting, gaining insight, journeying, discovering, connecting, moving, resting, dreaming and dancing.  You will learn to access and activate an ancient energy within you, bringing gifts of great connection and flow into your life.  No dance experience required!

Awakened Bellydance™ is a multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which travels far beyond the realms of the usual Bellydancer. It is perfect for all who have an interest in movement for healing.  No Bellydance or dance experience required!

A mix of Awakened Bellydance,™ Innerdance and Therapeutic play/wellbeing adapted to be suitable for young people.  Putting them in touch and full connection with their bodies, minds and each other.  Building trust in themselves and their world.  Growing confidence and self-esteem.  I am a fully qualified and highy experienced teacher.

The 9 Munay-Ki rites are beautiful initiations/downloads into your luminous energy field. The energy of love. Intended to give you the gifts of wisdom, connection, manifestation and flow.  Connecting you to a great lineage of healers, earthkeepers and wisdomkeepers.  Once you receive the rites, you are free to pass them to others.

I offer music lessons for all ages and standards on recorder, flute, saxophone, clarinet and oboe. I can also assist with extra tuition for GCSE and A-Level.  I can teach whole class curriculum music, composition, run workshops, teach small groups and one to one.

I compose intuitively.  I studied at Masters level at Birmingham Conservatoire. I can compose, perform and record a piece for your special occasion, tuning in to people, personalities, feelings, emotions and places to create an original piece of music for you.

I combine my qualification and experience as a Therapeutic Play Practitioner, my Counselling Skills and my 15 years working within the creative arts to facilitate a healing journey using clay, Jungian Symbolic Sandtray, and Paint/Art materials.  Aged 4 upwards.