"The body remembers. Stuffed full of potential until an event, a sound, a sight, a touch, a word or a person awakens them." Anon


The Innerdance energy came to the founder Pi Villeraza in the Phillipines after isolating himslef on a beach for two years eating nothing but coconuts and bananas.  I trained with Katie Holland who trained with Pi.  I am in contact with Pi and pay close attention to how he is constantly evolving this process.  You can find out more here:


Your body knows....Jump into a deeply healing, freeing and joyful process of letting go, trusting, gaining insight, journeying, discovering, connecting, moving, resting, dreaming and dancing. Feel nurtured and able to surrender into a beautifully safe and confidentially held space.

What is Innerdance?

Innerdance is whatever you personally need it to be, and that need is directed by your body. We hold a short sharing circle at the start and end where there are opportunities to connect, share experiences, feelings and ask questions. You then begin laying on your mat under your blanket with eyes closed. The playlist is specifically put together to take you on a journey and works with your brainwaves.  I design a new playlist for each event, taking into account the energy of the date and the people attending. You may stay completely still and have a deep inner journey, much like dreaming, you may be dancing around the room, moving subtly or spontaneously; usually it is a mixture. Sense of time melts away! I deepen and support your experience using gentle touch, vocal guidance, live musical instruments and Reiki Energy.


The founder Pi Villaraza facilitating Innerdance

One to One session £70 Two Hours
Workshops £20 Three Hours

"We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frquencies tuned into the cosmos.  We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music." Albert Einstein


Jenny's Innerdance sessions are incredible.  I feel so lucky to have this resource available to go monthly and immerse myself in a journey, safely held and facilitated with such joy, passion and fun.  As the whole session is done with your eyes closed there is no need for anyone to feel self conscious.  Thenk you Jenny for bringing this to Shropshire.

If you are looking to explore your inner life through music and movement this would be a very good place to do it.  Jenny creates a gentle, kind, loving and safe space to journey as much or as little as you wish to the sound of great music.  It was a special experience and I am looking forward to attending again very much.

I went to Innerdance with Jenny last night.  Wow!  Jenny held a beautiful safe space for us.  I went with no expectations or idea what was going to happen and it was wonderful.  It's hard to explain, you need to experience it for yourself.  It's a very loving, freeing and healing that occured for me was unexpected and very significant.  So I cant wait for the next  one and to continue this incredible journey.  Thenk you Jenny, you helped me shed light on a part of me that I'd forgotten about. 

They are so amazingly skilled at what they do and instantly put you very much at ease.  It is a unique experience and you do not have to dance, many including myself lay on a mat under a blanket while the music happened.  My dance was very much 'inner' but a profound experience for all that.  I can't describe what happens except perhaps in a way similar to a sound bath or gong bath but I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Feeling wonderful after my first Innerdance tonight, an immense sense of freedom and awakening, like nothing I've experienced before.  Felt a little nervous to begin with as was all new to me, but Jenny helped me soon relax, feeling completely safe, held and warm.  Danced like I've never danced before, let go and loved it.  Looking forward to next time, continuing my journey and very hopeful about allthe possibilities it will hold.

Ruth Tilley, Shamanic Practitioner

Sonia Knight

Marie Morris, Intuitive Healer

Billy Ormerod

Liz McDonald

Upcoming Innerdance Workshops


9:30pm - 12:30am

Lythwood Room, Bayston Hill Memorial Hall, Shrewsbury

FREE registration, donations on the night.


Bayston Hill Memorial Hall, Shrewsbury

Cost £20


29/02/20 7-10pm


28/03/20 7-10pm

10/04/20 7-10pm

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