Expressive Dance for Schools

Combining my 15 years teaching experience, my qualifications in Therapeutic play/counselling and my training in Innerdance and Awakened Bellydance to bring this powerful, fun and effective course to young people in schools.

These sessions are suitable for pupils and also valuable for team building at staff training. 


Measurable improvements in Self-Esteem, confidence, anxiety and social issues.

Teaching valuable social skills.

Creating a sense of connection and support among peers.

Empowering young people to create their own healthy boundaries.

Teaching self-reflective and self-care techniques.

Improving listening skills.

Learning to recognise and safely release feelings and emotions.

Building trust in themselves and others.

Feeling fully embodied and becoming more present.

Finding joy, pleasure and freedom through their own bodies.

Firmly connecting young people to their bodies instilling self-acceptance, self-love and non-judgement into their way of being.

I ask pupils to fill out 'Strength and Difficulties' questionnaires at the beginning and end of the course so a measurable improvement in their health and wellbeing can be tracked.

I am fully insured and have a DBS on the update service.  I am also already on Payroll for Shropshire Schools.

A full course is 5 or 7 x 90 minute sessions 

Cost for 5 £400 

Cost for 7 £560 

One off sessions cost £100 and last for 90 minutes 

"To dance is to reach for a word that doesn't exist, to sing a heartsong of a thousand generations, to feel the meaning of a moment in time." Beth Jones

Image by Gabby Orcutt