" You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." 


Creative Arts and Play For Wellbeing

for Chidren and Adults

This is a process which uses non-directive, reflective symbolic methods for self-discovery, processing and healing.

Nothing is judged or interpreted by me, all emotions are welcome. 

I assist you to find your own answers and your own way forward.  I completely trust that everything you need is already inside you and I assist you to find it and unlock your greatest potential.

It works for anybody aged 4 upwards (yes that's including adults!)  It's a particularly effective method for children as their natural form of communication is play.  For adults it is easier to process and find the words with these methods, and sometimes, no words are needed.

You have access to a Sandtray and bookcase of figures/symbols which provides a safe and protected space for you to tell the stories of your life, play out situations, make real changes and to discover what is in your unconscious world.

You also have the option to use clay, musical instruments and art materials to explore yourself and your world in a safe and confidential space.

These methods look simple but go deep and are a joyful and creative method of self evolution and discovery. You can find insight quickly and literally shift things in your world, creating the situations as you want them to be, then extending this into your real life.

I am a trained Therapeutic Play Practitioner with a Postgraduate Certificate from Leeds Beckett University and Play Therapy UK.  I also hold a certificate in Level 3 Counselling Skills from Shrewsbury College.  I seek regular clinical supervision.  I have used these methods in my own self-work for over 3 years. I work informed by the theories of Carl Jung, Carl Rogers and Virginia Axline.


A safe and confidential space to be heard and witnessed

Increased confidence and direction in life

Growth of imagination and creativity and how this can aid everyday situations.

Increased self concept, self-esteem, and self trust.

To be free to express emotions and feelings in a non-judgemental environment, learning not to judge self and others.

To tell the stories of your life in detail in order to let them go.

To recognise and change patterns which do not serve your life.

Increase empathy, intuition and social skills.

To take pleasure and joy and wisdom from within the creative arts.


 Sessions are 50 minutes in length, with a suggested minimum of 12 sessions to complete a process.

£35 per session with a block booking discount of £200 for 6 sessions.

"When you are free, you can play and when you're playing, you become free."  Heidi Kaduson

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Play Arrow
What is Sandtray? How does it work?
"I can see a rainbow
In your tears as they fall on down
I can see your soul grow
Through the pain as they hit the ground
I can see a rainbow
In your tears as the sun comes out"
Sia Furler